Slice of life #8 Hats off and well done

Observing the journey of fellow writers is interesting to say the least.There are definitely common characterisitces of early slices around the nations Рslices of life that are actually  a step removed. Tales more about people that cross our paths, classes we teach or descriptions of details that surround us as opposed to what we feel with in.

Our journey then takes us to the hurdles we face with writing regularly and also still the observations of life and people who surround us. Enjoyable slices and some examples of great writing to add to our caches of mentor texts.

Just now, close to two weeks in, I am reading slices that challenge my thinking, awaken memories and emotions that I have chosen to bury. How brave you are to put these in print as this somehow does make them more real and undeniable. These are Slices Of Life about the hurdles we face not as writers but as people who do have heart rendering storeis to tell. Hats off to you and well done.

7 thoughts on “Slice of life #8 Hats off and well done

  1. And you, too.
    What I find interesting — as you note — is when someone’s slice sparks a memory or an observation that I hadn’t quite conceived of or thought of before — or at least, not in quite some time. The stories are like shards of glass, collected in a collage. I like how the blogging format makes them mostly small, manageable.

  2. So very true! I’ve posted a few slices that have left me feeling very vulnerable, yet they have also helped me through my own grief and acceptance. There are times I cry when I write my posts, but as I tell my friends, “tears bring healing.”. I have found, though, that I can’t post these deep reflections each day. Sometimes I have to just write on the random people and random things in my life. I’m so very thankful for this challenge!

  3. I love your analysis of how the slices have ‘generally’ been written, and I can see it too. As people begin to trust & feel safe within the group, they are willing to share more of themselves, just like in the classroom. Thank you for the compliments to everyone!

  4. It really is hard to put it down and give voice to the fact that our lives are not always ‘happily ever after’. I also am grateful for all who are putting it out there

  5. It has been interesting to see the connections across posts. Today I noticed many posts about the writing process, parenting, and the special people in our lives. How fun it is to read the small slices of life. It reminds me how significant small moments in our lives truly are to us.

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