Slice of Life Tuesday – My date with a zombie and other mentor texts

This year I have set myself a goal to read a lot more YA fiction. The purpose being two-fold: to be able to discuss with students the books they are reading and recommend other books they might enjoy. The second reason is to build up my bank of mentor texts for using in secondary schools. I have read some great literature and am looking forward to the new Deborah Ellis book, The Best Day of my Life, sitting beside my bed. I have met some exciting new authors, books I can recommend to my teenagers and, I might add, I have been introduced to the lives and loves of zombies, vampires and Uglies.

What are the books you can’t live without in your coaching and teaching, the ones you return to again and again when teaching mini-lessons or confer with students? The ones I should definitely add to my must read list? I would love to hear.

The story of the three little pigs by Jon Scieszka has always been one I use year after year. It shows how a story can be told from different points of view. If you know this book or if you know just the original story of the Three Little Pigs, you will love this:

Enjoy your Easter break

4 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday – My date with a zombie and other mentor texts

  1. I use MANY different menotr texts throughout the year but some of my favorite informational mentors are by the Hatkoffs, Owen & Mzee and Knut.
    The simple language is something my struggling readers and writers can strive to emulate. …”One December afternoon, in a cozy dark enclosure in a zoo in Berlin Germany, a polar bear cub was born.”…Perhaps it is because the Hatkoff kids contribute to the books, but they are child friendly!

  2. Thanks Anita, I am familiar with Knut but not the other title. I will add these to my what is an embarrassingly short list of mentor texts for informational writing. I actually have a lot of possibilities on my son’s bookshelf – he would only read information texts and now, nearly 18, still prefers to read this genre

  3. Thank you so much for introducing me to a new writer! I went to Amazon website right away to check out some of Deborah Ellis’ books. Trip to the library is also planned for tomorrow.

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