Slice of life #18 Life’s Montage Captured

My son recently had day surgery on his hand, the result of a rock climbing accident but that is another story. I had filled the afternoon in as best I could and as the rain set in I made my way back to wait in the café of the large metropolitan hospital.

I joined a colourful group of people depicting every stage of life, proud parents down from the maternity ward with bub in a clear hospital crib; patients in dressing gowns, glad to escape their rooms and pay for ordinary coffee. Families meeting, talking in hushed tones, their distress evident; staff on a break catching up with a friend or colleague for social talk.

Conscious of not trespassing on precious moments, I took my coffee and writer’s notebook and settled next to a group of university students, laptops out, conversations animated. They discussed their workloads, hopes for the year and dreams for the future. “I want to go overseas.”  “I want to write a book” …and then the one that made me smile…”We have readings to do.” There is always one who has the role of grounding influence, pulling friends back to the here and now. I wonder if they were aware of life’s montage around them.

5 thoughts on “Slice of life #18 Life’s Montage Captured

  1. What better place to drop in on conversations than a hospital cafeteria! You could fill that notebook if you stayed awhile.

  2. Your really took a small moment in time and stretched it into a beautiful story. So often the kids say “I didn’t do anything” or , “I have nothing to write about.” I need to make a collection of kid friendly inspirational readings to remind them that writing is taking the little things we do and seeing the special-ness about them

  3. Ah, to be a college student again. They dreams, hopes, ambitions…. the fear of the unknown. It sounds wonderful and horrible all at once. 😉 A fun slice of an overheard conversation.

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